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Coronavirus and Snetterton Renewable Energy Plant

Clerk | 1st April 2020

Just in case residents are concerned that the planning conditions for the Snetterton Renewable Energy Plant (Biomass)  are being breached, Simon Wood, the Breckland Director of Planning and Building Control, as agreed a relaxation over Easter.


Because of plans at the plant to protect staff and suppliers from the potential of the COVID 19 virus, they have reduced deliveries as much as possible to a steady pattern with minimal staff on site to receive deliveries. As they are very shortly coming into the Easter weekend period, when due to the planning constraints they would not be able to take deliveries on Good Friday or Easter Monday, they are concerned that if they were to comply with the planning conditions they would need to increase deliveries for the other 4 days in each week with a resultant increase in stress on resources.


 Accordingly, the Plant has requested that in this period of exceptional uncertainty, the planning condition for the Bank Holidays be relaxed to at least give the option to have deliveries these days.


Simon Wood has agreed to this request, so it is possible that you will see deliveries on the Easter Bank Holidays.



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