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Planning Application for Fuel Depot in Snetterton

| 10th March 2020

Breckland Council has received a planning application asking for permission to develop a Fuel Depot in Snetterton.


This is proposed to be on a 6429 sq. metre site  to the north east of Natures Menu, and although it is proposed that all access to the site would be via the A11, it seems likely that there will be some impact on the residents of the parish.


To see details follow this link to the Breckland planning portal:


The Parish Council will be considering its response to the application at the meeting on Wednesday 18 March (6.30p.m. in the Visitor Centre Meeting Room at World Horse Welfare). All are welcome to come to that meeting to make your views known.


It is even more important that you tell Breckland Council your opinion about the proposal, and this can be done online via the same link to the Portal. The more people who respond the more notice Breckland will take.

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