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Renewable Energy Plant Night Works

Helen | 23rd April 2018

Below is a notice from Colin Jones regarding night works taking place at the Renewable Energy Plant in the coming weeks.


I wanted to write to you to advise the Parish Council of works that we have planned over the next 3 weeks.


You may be aware from the discussions with the EA that we intend to do some additional works on the lorry unloading facility on site, there is currently a temporary scaffold tent over the facility to contain any fugitive dust emissions, we will be replacing this with a permanent cover over the coming weeks.


In order to carry out the works without disrupting our fuel  suppliers and maintain generation, we have to do the work outside of the delivery hours to the site. It is therefore our intention to work in the nights Monday to Friday to prep the panels and pre-erect, following which they will be lifted into position.


The works will require that we have some temporary floodlights in position for some of the time. I have instructed the contractor that all lighting will point into the site and special attention will be for any of the lighting that may be noticed by our neighbours.


We believe by doing the works overnight for up to the next 3 weeks will minimise any disruption to our neighbours. Please be assured that we will endeavour to complete the works as soon as possible.


Should there be any problems, can you please advise and we will endeavour to resolve.


Promising you of our best intentions at all times.

Kind Regards

Colin Jones

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