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Snetterton Renewable Energy Plant (Biomass) Update

Clerk | 19th March 2020

On 4 March members of the Parish Council attended a meeting with Carl Palmer, the Plant Manager at the Biomass.

A number of issues were discussed, but there was one thing in particular where Carl asked for help from the residents of Snetterton.

If anybody has a compliant, about noise, light or anything else, they are asked to phone this in to the Plant as soon as possible rather than report it to the Environment Agency.

This is because if the Agency is told it takes some time before the complaint filters through to the Plant, and in order for them to have any chance of identifying where noise (or other issue) is coming from, they need to know quickly. The company has to report all such complaints to the Agency anyway, so you can be assured that it will be recorded by them.

So, if you have any complaint, please direct it straight to the control room on 01953 6610933. This will give them more opportunity to find and resolve the problem.

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